Amazing Green Roofs

green roof The exterior of this green roof looks like a strange grassy hill with many skylights attached. It really doesn’t even resemble a buildings roof at all. None the less it looks very cool and futuristic. Interior of green roof The interior is spectacular! Like momma always said, it’s what’s inside that matters. I mean wow! Beautiful!   awesome roof This is another extremely awesome green roof.

Laying Green Insulation

Insulation must be spaced properly, because spacing provides a proper substrate for the roof membrane. You should always try to avoid large gaps, because gaps can cause the membrane to bridge which may result in sagging or ridging. Large gaps also allow membranes to become vulnerable to punctures. You can butt boards together so that no gap is larger than a quarter of an inch. Net you will fit insulation board around the perimeter with minimum space between board and penetration. If you must cut the insulation board, cut them no smaller than two feet by two feet.

Installing multiple layers of green insulation requires staggering joints as much as possible. This reduces thermal stresses on the roof system and prevents thermal loss.